About us

    Gisela: I am a young mother of 2 children who have taught me loads about breeding. Since my older daughter was born, I started investigating and discovering practices of attachment parenting. I have over 4 years’ experience in baby-wearing and using cloth nappies!!!

    This story started when my older daughter was born. I started using disposable nappies, as I did not know about the existence of cloth ones. Every day I threw away loads of nappies, being aware that they each of them would take over 200 years to degrade. For this reason, I started to investigate about cloth nappies, which were very rare to find (only on the Internet). In order to try all different types and models, I had to buy and pay the shipment. However, the expense was ecologically worth it!!

    I started loving these cloth nappies, their smell, their colours… everything!!

    Then, I started investigating to learn how to sew my own cloth nappies. These are the nappies we use at home, during the day and at night! 

    I also became fan of baby-wearing, so I started making my own ergonomic carriers, etc. 

    Dani: Loving husband and dad.He performs a great job updating and maintaining the web. His confidence in this project makes it possible.

    Lua and Elhoy: Our beautiful children, who made us know all these products, and helped us make this project be true. 

    Thank you!!

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